XTERRA Portugal is an organization of the Núcleo do Sporting Clube de Portugal da Golegã and Golegã City Council, with the technical support of the Triathlon Federation of Portugal.

It consists of a standard scoring event for the XTERRA Europe, for the XTERRA WorldChampionship, an Open Event for all interested parties, and a Young Triathlon event.


The race will take place in Golegã, starting in the garden of the Equuspólis in Golegã, swimming in the lagoon of Alverca, with the coordinates N 39 ° 04 '10 "W 8 ° 29' 37.90", transition park and arrival in the same place.



15h00 - 19h00: Accreditation and Registration of Athletes


14h00 - 19h00: Accreditation and Registration of Athletes

19h00 - XTERRA Portugal Briefing (English) - Equuspólis Auditorium

20h00 - Pasta Party

Registered athletes who wish to participate in the Pasta Party must express it by email to until August 3 - Free for athletes, 15 € for non-athletes.


09H30 – 12H30 Accreditation and Registration of Athletes

15H00 – 18H45 Accreditation and Registration of Athletes

19h00 - XTERRA Portugal Briefing (Portuguese) - Equuspólis Auditorium


06H00 - 08H00 - Accreditation and Registration of Athletes

06H00 - 08H10 - Transition Park XTERRA Portugal

08H30 - XTERRA Portugal

12H55 - CUT OFF BIKE - Time limit for finishing the MTB course

15H30 - Xterra Awards Party - Awards - Elites and Age Groups - Slots Maui

After the arrival of the last athlete from the bike leg of the race, athletes will be able to collect their gear from the Transition Park, displaying their number at the entrance.
The time limit for the respective collection will be 15 minutes after the last athlete has finished the race.



Deadline for registration:

Until midnight of Monday, July 26

Deadline for Payment:

Until midnight of Wednesday, July 28

Registration on race day:

Athletes who did not register in the due period, can still register on the day and location of the event, at the Registration office, for an additional fee of € 20.

Recommended ways to register:

Athletes licensed on FTP should register on the website, at, so that they can benefit from the support given by this entity.

Via internet on the XTERRA Portugal website, at

Payment methods:

Bank Transfer (IBAN–PT50 0010 0000 22217320002 76)

Validation of registration:

Entries will only be considered valid after payment of the same.

Proof of payment may be sent by e-mail (, and must always indicate the name of the athlete and the race it refers to.

Registration fees:

Individual athletes:

Until December 31st2020 - € 105

Until July 26 th 2021 - € 125


Until July 26 th 2021 - € 120

Race open to junior category, age 18 years old or more. Registration includes the pasta party for athletes (Friday 06/08/2021). To get your number you need a valid ID with photo. Cancellation with a medical certificate is possible in the following way:

Until 31/12/2020  (refund of 75€):  Transfer of registration is authorized.

Until 2/06/2021   (refund of 50€) No transfer of registration is authorized.

Refund due to Covid (refund of 50%) is only possible if the event does not happen, and you don't accept to postpone your registration to 2022


Situations not covered by the FTP regulation will be resolved by the Technical Delegate.


  • There will be controlpointsduring the race, and whoever misses a control point will be disqualified;

  • The clubs and teams that register the athletes or the athletes themselves shall be responsible for their physical fitness. The Organization shall not be held responsible for any accidents that occur before, during or after the race. Arrangements are in place for an effective medical aid during the race;

  • The athlete undertakes to respect the indications of the members of the Organization placed along the course;

  • At the end of the competition, the athletes will have access toshowers in the facilities of the Golegã Campsite.

  • The bike course will be marked the week before the race. Nonetheless, we warn athletes that part of the corse is held in the grounds of the Paúl do Boquilobo Nature Reserve, which is of forbidden access.


A slot will be awarded to all winners from each age group for the XTERRA World Championship to be held in Maui, Hawaii, on December 4, 2021. Slots will be delivered during the prize giving party to be held at 3:00 pm on Sunday 8. The physical presence and acceptance of prizes is mandatory. In case of refusal, or if the athlete has already qualified, the Slot will be assigned to the next athlete in the final classification and so on!