It’s Time to Start Your Adventures

The cultural identity of Golegã, based on the diversity of elements regarding history, people, environment, territory, among others, is also based, and much, on the connection  cemented over the centuries, between man and horse. We would say that Golegã is inseparable from this environment because it is umbilically linked to the national equestrian tradition, assuming itself, with increasing preponderance, as its Capital.

Alongside the demand for cultural tourism. What Carlos Relvas contributed to a lot, or literary tourism, with José Saramago as our greatest ambassador, or nature tourism, with the Paúl do Boquilobo Nature Reserve, the first Biosphere reserve classified by UNESCO in Portugal and which is an integral part of our territory, or even the tourism of the Camino de Santiago, which has one of the main sections of the central route through here, we are witnessing an increasing demand for equestrian tourism.

It is not enough to visit the National Horse Fair, we are beings of experiences and experimentation and baptisms, horseback riding or horse carriages are increasingly popular.

Strolling through the peaceful and welcoming streets of the village, taking a short trip to Paúl, passing through our fields or enjoying the beaches of the Tagus between Cardiga and Azinhaga, are the best invitation we can offer you: relax and let yourself go on these trips of perfect harmony with a pure Lusitano blood. The perfect union in the rural tranquility that only Golegã can offer you.